Grants to Support Entrepreneurs in the Development of Advanced Digital Technologies in Romania


The Official Gazette has recently released the PNRR (National Recovery and Resilience Plan) aid scheme, which aims to provide much-needed support to non-IT companies in Romania. This initiative is designed to help these companies partner with IT companies and embark on a digital transformation journey to enhance their competitiveness, promote innovation, and facilitate the adoption of new work methods.

The PNRR aid scheme offers grants ranging from EUR 500,000 to EUR 3 million for eligible non-IT companies. These grants will be instrumental in financing the digitization of their operations. With a total budget of EUR 150 million, the scheme includes allocations for regional investment aid, research and development aid, and de minimis aid.

Under this scheme, non-repayable funds will be granted in the form of state aid and de minimis aid. The "Grants to support entrepreneurs in the development of advanced digital technologies" scheme, which falls under the PNRR aid scheme, specifically focuses on supporting advanced digital technology projects. These projects encompass a wide range of areas, including data and cloud computing, blockchain, high-performance and quantum computing, the internet of things, and cyber security.

To ensure the successful implementation of these projects, the budget for the "Grants to support entrepreneurs in the development of advanced digital technologies" scheme has been set at EUR 150 million. Out of this amount, EUR 105 million is allocated for regional investment aid, EUR 25 million for research and development aid, and EUR 20 million for de minimis aid.

The amount of funding granted to a project will depend on the category of the non-IT small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Medium enterprises, for instance, can receive a maximum of EUR 3 million in funding. It is important to note that the de minimis aid cannot exceed EUR 300,000 per project, and the beneficiaries are required to provide 10% co-financing.

The support provided through the PNRR aid scheme is characterized by varying intensities. For regional aid, the intensity of support ranges from 30% to 70%, while for research and development aid, it varies between 25% and 50%.

To ensure transparency and accessibility, the aid scheme will be included in the Applicant's Guide, which will be published by the Ministry of Investments, Projects, and European Funds (MIPE). This guide will provide detailed information on the application process and eligibility criteria. Additionally, MIPE will announce the submission period for projects in the PNRR electronic system, allowing interested parties to plan and prepare their applications accordingly.

One of the main challenges that this funding initiative aims to address is the formation of partnerships between non-IT SMEs in need of digitization and IT SMEs that offer innovative solutions. By fostering collaboration between these two sectors, the PNRR aid scheme seeks to create a synergistic environment that will drive digital transformation and economic growth in Romania.


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