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Business Center in Romania


Flexibility and Success: Unleashing Entrepreneurial Potential through Our Business Center in Romania

Our Business Center situated in Romania is the perfect option for entrepreneurs and organizations looking for temporary office solutions. With almost two decades of experience and a commitment to providing exceptional service, we are the ideal choice for businesses of all types and sizes.

Advantages of Utilizing Our Business Center in Romania

You are welcome in our business and incubation centers in Romania


We have two business centers at your disposal. We are the owners of the business centers that we have in our portfolio.

When you create a company in Romania, we will do that for you and host you in our incubation centers. This will accelerate and facilitate your start.

You focus on the business we do the rest.

If needed, we will look for a tailor-made solution for your specific business. We offer all that you need in order to conduct your business in a modern, pleasant and productive environment in open offices or classical offices.

Near shoren van uw bedrijfsprocessen in Roemenie

Near shoren van uw bedrijfsprocessen in Roemenie In de jaren negentig komt het verplaatsen van productieactiviteiten naar landen elders in Europa of daarbuiten op volle gang. Directe besparing op de arbeidskosten staat dan nog centraal. In het decennium erna komt het accent steeds meer te liggen op het verplaatsen van dienstverlening naar het buitenland. Naast de directe besparing op de arbeidskosten wordt de noodzaak hiertoe ook ingegeven door een tekort aan bekwaam arbeidspotentieel binnen de locale markt. Kortom; buiten de grenzen is er wel arbeidspotentieel voor minder geld.


our offer for outsourcing of a company process in Romania


Having the best people is the key to achieving competitive advantageIf you don’t hire the best people, your competitors will. We commit in finding the best people for you and to move your business process to Romania and to make it work. We stay on board and we make it work as we committed from the start. We literally move a piece of your company to a near shore destination: Romania


We Host Your Company In Our Incubation Center


In the incubation center we build your business. We deliver a working company.

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I give some example:

If you want a transport company we create the company, get your transport license, immatriculate the trucks, hire the drivers, provide you with a coordinator of the transport (legally required) and we start your business. We hand it over after 5 of 10 trucks.