Setting up a company in Romania or how to create a company in Romania ?


Is it easy to create a  company in Romania?

Today it is relatively easy to set up a company in Romania. We provide customized advice. The establishment of a company in Romania is easy for us, we have more than 15 years of experience.

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Choice of legal form of your Romanian company

The most common legal forms are the SRL (BV, BVBA) and the SA (NV). You choose a legal form:

1. Societate cu răspundere limitată (SRL) - Limited liability company

2. Societate pe acţiuni (SA) - Public Limited Company

The SRL can be 100 percent foreign-owned. The directors may also be of foreign origin. The number of participants in an SRL is at least one and at most fifty. A sole shareholder may not be a sole shareholder in more than one SRL. The one-man business also occurs frequently as an SRL in Romania (asociat unic).

The capital contribution can be made both in cash and in kind and amounts to at least 200 lei (1 Ron = 4.75 euros on 8 April 2019).

The reservation of the name of your Romanian company

We reserve the name of the company for you at the register. This reservation is the first step in the company creation in Romania and required by law. Only after approval of the name reservation by the register we prepare your documents for incorporation.

The registration of a company name containing the words: national, Romanian, institute or a derivation of those words or words or phrases that are characteristic of the central or local public institutions or governments can only be done with the permission of the Secretariat General of the Government (SGG) are realized.

The availability of the company name and logo is checked by the Trade Register before the incorporation articles are drawn up or in the event of a change in the company name or logo.

The verification and reservation of the name of the company take place at national level before the adoption/draft of the deed of incorporation.

The company's reservation is valid for a maximum of 3 months from the date of submission of the application.

Checking the availability of the name of the company is done by the trade register office. The name must have a 70 percent difference with regard to existing names already reserved.

The documents are submitted by us to the ORC within the province where the company has its registered office.

The job is done from Belgium by mandate  and this saves you the travel costs and time.

You will only be in Romania when the SRL or SA has been established to activate a few things with us (VAT, bank account, accountant, powers of attorney at the notary,  ...)

The address of your firm's social seat in Romania

You can no longer set up a company in a room with a friend in Romania due to the anti-fraud policy.

We have two business centres (incubation centres) where we can temporarily or permanently give you a rental contract at competitive rates. Since 2009 we guide start-up companies in these incubation centres.

The rental contract of the social seat is signed together with the deed of incorporation in Belgium prior registration by our services on the Romanian register.

We prepare the deed of incorporation and all other documents including all declarations and mandates for the establishment of the company.

Then we go to the notary in Ghent if you are Belgian or Dutch.

In the case of complex set-ups, we provide instructions for the additional documents that you must obtain in the country of origin and instructions where and how you can obtain them and provide them with an apostille.

The request for registration in the trade register is made by us with a power of attorney.

What do we do during your first visit after setting up your Romanian company?

We are going to open your bank accounts for the company and private accounts. We prefer a number of banks, but in principle you are free to choose a bank.

We will arrange a telephone and a  subscription with roaming for online banking  if necessary. We will appoint a reliable bookkeeper at advantageous rates for you.

We visit the business centre and your office if you are going to rent a office from us and do some formalities on site for the activation of your company and the VAT / ROI.

These are the most important operations when setting up a company in Romania. You save travel costs and have no loss of time.

We offer the same service throughout the Romanian territory at a fixed all-in price.

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