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Having the best people is the key to achieving competitive advantageIf you don’t hire the best people, your competitors will. We commit in finding the best people for you and to move your business process to Romania and to make it work. We stay on board and we make it work as we committed from the start. We literally move a piece of your company to a near shore destination: Romania


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Romania is one of the fastest-growing information technology (IT) markets in Central and Eastern Europe. The country has made significant progress in all of the information and communications technology (ICT) subsectors, including basic telephony, mobile telephony, the Internet and IT. The country’s telecoms sector has been deregulated, expanded and modernized over the past 15 years.

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Near-shoring is a form of off-shoring where the destination country is nearer to the home office then would be the case in the more traditional form of off-shoring. The definitions of off-shoring and near-shoring are:

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Visit for recruitment agencies : http://www.recruitment-company-romania.ro  and http://investromania.be/nl

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 The demands of the 21st century enterprise require HR leaders with cross-functional skills and experience to balance immediate, transactional priorities with the need to forge longer-term talent management strategy – from workforce alignment and organizational development to succession management and talent supply chain issues.