Construct plus 2024 financing program Romania


The Construct Plus 2024 program marks a crucial stage in the evolution of the construction sector in Romania, offering a unique opportunity for entrepreneurs. We will explore here the application period and eligibility criteria, key elements for accessing the funds.

The official application period for Construct Plus 2024 is February 15, 2024 – March 15, 2024, providing a 30-day window to submit applications.

To benefit from state aid through Construct Plus, investments must meet the following criteria:

1. Initial Investments: Must be considered as such, according to official definitions.

2. Economic Efficiency: Demonstrate efficiency relative to program objectives.

3. Viability: Make sure the investment is viable for 3-5 years after completion.

4. Specific Indicators: Compliance with the established quantitative and qualitative indicators.

5. Eligible Fields of Activity: Investments must be made in specific fields.

The main purpose of Construct Plus 2024 is to stimulate growth and innovation in the construction industry by:

  • Investment Support: Facilitating access to finance for innovative and sustainable projects.
  • Sustainable Development: Encouraging the adoption of green practices and modern technologies.
  • Increasing Competitiveness: Increasing the competitive capacity of enterprises in the construction sector.

For the year 2024, the total budget of the program is 149 million euros, a significant amount that reflects the government's commitment to the development of this vital sector.

Construct Plus 2024 brings a number of significant benefits to companies in the construction sector. Let's explore the most important ones:

1. Access to Finance: An essential opportunity for business development.

2. Stimulating Innovation: Encouraging the adoption of new technologies and sustainable practices.

3. Increasing Competitiveness: Amplifying the potential of businesses to compete on national and international markets.

Examples of State Aid Calculation

To give you a clear perspective, here are two concrete examples of state aid calculation:

For an Investment of 4 Million Euros

Eligible Costs: 2.5 Million Euros

State Aid: 60% of costs (1.5 Million Euros)

For an Investment of 80 Million Euros

Eligible Costs: 65 Million Euros

State Aid: Calculated according to the specific formula (approx. 39 Million Euros)

Construct Plus 2024 represents a solid bridge between the entrepreneurial vision and concrete achievements in the field of construction. These benefits and eligibility conditions are designed to ensure that the funds are used efficiently, generating maximum impact in the construction sector.


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