Start-up nation Romania subventions

The "Start-Up Nation - Romania" programme awards the minimis aid to a maximum of 10,000  small and medium-sized enterprises at a maximum value of 200,000 lei per beneficiary, representing 100% of the value of eligible expenditure.

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MAXIM 100% AFN, but can not exceed 200,000 lei per beneficiary (including VAT for non-paying companies)

Expenditure on fees, fees, commissions (excluding FNGCIMM commission), packaging, transport, commissioning, staff training for the use of purchased items are not eligible.


Registered according to Law no. 31/1990 on societies, republished, with subsequent amendments or completions or on the basis of Law no.1 / 2005 on the organization and functioning of co-operation or on the basis of Government Emergency Ordinance no.6 / 2011 Setting up and development of microenterprises by business start-up entrepreneurs, with subsequent modifications and additions;

 It is considered to be an autonomous enterprise if:

  • Have wholly private equity capital;
  • Associations or shareholders holding several companies can only apply under one program to a single company.
  • They are registered at the Trade Register Office, have their registered office / work place and operate on Romanian territory;
  • The NACE code for which funding is requested is eligible under the Program (Annex 13) and authorized until the first application for repayment / payment, according to art. 15 of the Law 359/2004 on the simplification of the formalities for the registration of the natural persons, family associations and legal persons in the Trade Register, their tax registration, as well as the authorization of the operation of the legal entities, with the subsequent modifications and completions. The request for financing is made on one NACE code;
  • Have no debts to the consolidated general budget and local budgets, both for the registered office and for all the working points, at the signing of the grant agreement; Applicants with staggered debts are not eligible to access the Program.
  • Have not exceeded the de minimis ceiling of EUR 200,000.00 over three consecutive financial years for a single enterprise, as defined by EU Regulation no. No 1407/2013 of 18 December 2013 on the application of Articles 107 and 108 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union to de minimis aid and EUR 100 000 over three financial years for beneficiaries carrying out freight transport for the account of third parties or against payment. The ceilings apply regardless of the form of the de minimis aid or the objective pursued and whether the aid is granted from the state budget or from Community funds.

Eligible expenditure

  • The subject of funding must fall within one or more of the following eligible categories:
  • Technological equipments, machinery, equipment, electric forklifts, forklifts and work installations - including the related software, necessary for carrying out the activities for which it has requested financing, except for mechanical, electric, electronic, billiard, music machines;
  • Purchase of workspaces, production premises and premises for the provision of services and trade (buildings, production halls, premises arranged for service activities, production and trade, including prefabricated elements);
  • Means of transport: cars, buses, minibuses, bikes, mopeds, motorcycles, motorhomes, motorhomes, with and without motor for street trade ;
  • Computing IT equipment (PC type, consisting of: central unit, server, monitor, printer / copier / multifunction, including portable systems, licenses required to conduct business, audio-video systems, etc.);
  • Acquisition of goods provided in sub-groups 3.1 furniture, 3.2 Office equipment and 3.3 protection systems for human and material values;
  • Acquisition of specific installations / equipment in order to achieve energy savings, as well as systems using renewable energy sources for the efficiency of the activities for which it requested funding;
  • Purchase of heating or air-conditioning installations related to the area of ​​activity of trade, production or services;
  • Salaries, utilities and expenditures related to rents for working spaces, production premises and premises for services and trade (buildings, production halls, premises arranged for service activities, production and trade, including prefabricated elements). Spaces for rent are not to be rented. Salaries are settled at the average salary level, including employers' contributions. The settlement is made for the value of the salaries, utilities and rent after the signing of the agreement for the implementation period;
  • Creating a webpage for the presentation and promotion of the activity of the applicant and of the products or services, including domain registration expenses without hosting, for economic operators who do not own another site and which must be functional at the date of filing the application for de minimis aid, in The maximum limit of 8000 lei excluding VAT;
  • Intangible assets related to patents, franchises, eco-labeling, licenses, eco-labeling, on-line software, software required to carry out the activity for which funding is requested;
  • Entrepreneurial skills development courses - for the associate / administrator of the applicant company, a course organized by an authorized body of entrepreneurial education within the limit of 3000 lei without VAT. Providers of eligible training services within the Program may only be approved training providers, who will provide supporting documentation on the qualification of the persons conducting the training in the field;