Our subvention and grant services in romania


Each year the amount of grants made by corporations, foundations, and government agencies increases in Romania. Organizations that do not have enough funding in place to hire more staff and set up an office for the express purpose of writing and managing grants can benefit immeasurably from the services of our grant or subvention file consultants.

We supports businesses and mainly works on the submission and optimization of subsidies, credits and the acquisition of taxation advantages. Over the last fifteen years, we have submitted applications with a 99% success rate in Romania for investments in Romania. We carefully analyze the probability for success in the intake and pre-feasibility phase. In 90% of the cases the subvention file is linked to a bankable business plan and credit application and a conditioned letter of credit. We have a success rate of 100% for credit applications. Unfortunately we cannot serve everybody as we only do an intake of files that will be successful.

The vocation of our company is not to become an applications factory but to be a partner for our clients. We help our clients through each step before, during and after the funding of their projects (implementation and project management). Getting subventions is one challenge being paid after a correct implementation project and project management is the second challenge.

If you are in the process of applying for a grant for funding then you should look into our consulting services. The process of writing a grant proposal is particularly difficult and in order to be successful you can benefit from the expertise of a professional skilled in the areas of grant and funding development as well as in fundraising and negotiation with bankers. .A “grant” or “subvention” writing consultant takes some of the stress off your shoulders and makes it possible for your staff to continue their daily routine without having to take on yet another task.

Our Services for investors in Romania:

  • Tailor made approach for small; medium sized and large SME’s.
  • Combination of the subvention and financing file: we write both documents.
  • Our external reviews constructively examine your current policies, systems, and procedures and offer best practices recommendations from highly successful subvention or grant seeking.
  • Search and location of the best alternatives of subventions and grants, according to the customer's situation, activity and projects.
  • Permanent update of new aids and subventions. In this way you will always be updated about the new opportunities and you will not overlook any possibility because of lack of information.
  • Report, recompilation and preparation of all the documents and information to start the proceedings, filing and proper management of the file at the corresponding institutions.
  • Permanent follow up of the file in order to assure its optimal implementation and its rectifications if needed. Preparation of all guarantees (public organisms, clients and suppliers, etc…) and investments justifications needed for subvention or grant files.


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