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Solar and renewable energy projects in Romania

We have the belief that energy will be a considerable cost factor in the near future. Companies should start to work on energy plans as the cost of energy will rise in the coming years. Investors in re-energy on the other hand should act now and prepare for the shift to green energy and autonomous energy production. We offer a variety of services in the re-energy domain:

Sales of “ready to build” and “turn-key” projects in Romania

Women who want to start a business can benefit of an aid of EUR 10,000


Women with ideas, who want to start a business, can benefit from the state of an aid in value of 10,000 euros, under the "Woman Entrepreneur" program, which will debut at the end of June, announced on June 14, in Deva, Minister for SMEs, Business Environment and Tourism Maria Grapini. The program is a first for the business milieu, given that women who can file for funds must submit a business plan that will be evaluated electronically, to eliminate subjectivity, and the age criteria do not matter. "Here the model is that women can also start a business later in life.

Romania's land could be an important source for implementation of biomass projects


Bucharest, May 15 / Agerpres / - Romania's arid land could be an excellent source for biomass projects, and our goal is that, by 2016, to implement 350 biomass installations that can create over 10,000 jobs throughout the country, said in a press conference, Ilias Papageorgiadis, President of the Romanian Association of Biomass and Bio-gas ARBIO. "The category of unproductive land, the so-called fallow land, can be an excellent source for biomass projects across the country, while it cannot anyway be valued as agricultural land.