Solar and renewable energy projects - invest romania


We have the belief that energy will be a considerable cost factor in the near future. Companies should start to work on an energy plan as the cost of energy will rise in the coming years. 

Investors in re-energy on the other hand should act now and prepare for the shift to green energy and autonomous energy production.

We offer a variety of services in the re-energy domain:

Sales of ready to build and turn key projects

We perform quick scans and offer a wide range of ready to build and turn key projects to potential investors. We work directly with the owners of the project. The data can be accessed after that we have made an “nda” and “commission contract”  with the potential investor. We offer access to data rooms for each specific project.

Audit of projects and due diligence

With our experienced project managers and lawyers we will do an audit after discussion of the framework of  the audit on ready to build or turn key projects (asset deals).The technical due diligence for renewable energy projects will help you to understand the technical feasibility of your project. You will understand a variety of technical, legal and socio-environmental risks before you commit your valuable time and resources to the project. We will identify technical risks that could compromise your project’s profitability. We will check if all factors have been accounted for in the development process.

Project management:

  • Coordinate the process of land acquisition, grid connection, licenses, green certificates and permitting (specialized consultancy companies).
  • Produce detailed project schedule and identify critical milestones in conjunction with the project.
  • Coordinate with the appropriate resources to meet project budget and schedule.
  • Contract and manage outside vendor relationships.
  • Responsible for completing the project on time, on budget, and to a high level of quality.
  • Administer the terms of the contract, approve terms of purchase orders placed and prepare applications for payment.
  • Serve as principle interface with the customer and on-site vendors/sub-contractors.
  • Execute essential paperwork and on-line documentation as needed to ensure accounting has what is required for payroll, accounts payable and billing.
  • Review construction and commissioning plans with customer to ensure alignment of expectations and identify points at which contractual obligations will have been met.
  • Deliver as-built documentation and ensure that final customer payment is received.
  • Supervise the technical control, grid connection and start-up of the installation