Solar projects in romania in Dolj County 80MW - several projects all between 4.8 and 10 MW FJ013


General Area Information
Average GHR radiation in sites is in the range of 1400 KWh/m²  and 1480 KWh/m² , among the best areas in Romania for solar PV .
The area is suitable for solar PV developments (the first projects to obtain the connection permit in the corresponding substations).
Projects will be delivered at fully permitted stage.
For the PPA, Installation license and Grid Connection Agreement to be obtained, the final shareholder structure must be officially presented, and also the investment breakdown must be known.

Large pipeline of 10 projects totaling near 80 MWp on more than 170 Hectares ;
Concentrating in 4 different  20/110KV substations  owned by CEZ Oltenia;
Installed capacity ranging between 4,8 – 10 MWp;
Connection in MV with an average distance to the substation of 250 meters /MWp;
Land for the projects is owned by the SPVs.

Nr. FJ013

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