Business incubators: we build your business


Our business incubators serve as a launching platform for young and small businesses. Start-ups, which are dynamic entities need support and our incubators are providing this support. We build your business on a tailor made time frame with little or a lot of involvement from our expert teams. If required we will do the entire start-up phase for you and then teach you how to run the business and keep supporting you in the next phases of your growth cycle.

Business opportunities Romania - business opportuniteiten in Romania


We cover three main sections for lead generation

  1. Construction & infrastructure (example 22 qualified  leads in February 2010 -  crisis ?)
  2. Waste water, water and polluted soils
  3. Renewable energy, solar panels, bio mass, wind energy

The chamber generates lead for the supplier, experts and engineers that are member of the chamber.

Two people are screening the market to identify and they write tailor made leads that come with a short memo on the lead event and a company profile with contact data. Easy….

VCST Automotive Production to inaugurate EUR 30 mln factory in Alba Iulia, Romania


VCST Automotive Production has officially inaugurate its EUR 30 million factory in Alba Iulia, Alba county, on July 8. the factory, which currently has 77 employees, will hire up to 200 people by 2014. VCST produces gears for Paccar/DAF, Perkins/Caterpillar, Ford, GM/TKP and VW in its Romanian factory, for which the investment decision was made in 2011. The Belgian company VCST was founded in 1972, as part of the Volvo group. It currently runs factories in Belgium, Germany, Mexico and China, and has 1,100 employees, and a sales level of EUR 145 million in 2012.

How will the new Rural Development Programme 2014-2020 look like?


The National Programme for Rural Development (PNDR) 2014-2020 will have a smaller number of measures than the previous one, and accessing them will be easier, as promised by Nicolae Popa, deputy director of APDRP paying agency. The new PNDR should be finished by the end of this year and it should be better than the previous one, given that one must learn from the mistakes and dissatisfactions of the past years.

Women who want to start a business can benefit of an aid of EUR 10,000


Women with ideas, who want to start a business, can benefit from the state of an aid in value of 10,000 euros, under the "Woman Entrepreneur" program, which will debut at the end of June, announced on June 14, in Deva, Minister for SMEs, Business Environment and Tourism Maria Grapini. The program is a first for the business milieu, given that women who can file for funds must submit a business plan that will be evaluated electronically, to eliminate subjectivity, and the age criteria do not matter. "Here the model is that women can also start a business later in life.

The Romanian microenterprise turnover tax: the new rules 3% taxes


March 2013 was a very busy month for Romanian microenterprises. “Regular” companies switching to “microenterprises” under the new tax rules in force as of 1 February 2013 had to notify the change in their applicable tax regime by the 25th of March and also to submit a corporate income tax return for their profit obtained during the year 2012.
The microenterprise turnover tax

Establishing a Romanian road transport company



"We help investors to create their company, register their trucks, we file for the transport licence and select the personal for the trucks. We keep close contact with the transport ministry and the transport federations In Romania."

You can contact us for more information

To establish a Romanian road transport company we identify and execute several steps to be followed. These are:

1. Incorporating the company with the National Trade Register Office,