Solar projects in romania in Dolj County 80MW - several projects all between 4.8 and 10 MW FJ013


General Area Information
Average GHR radiation in sites is in the range of 1400 KWh/m²  and 1480 KWh/m² , among the best areas in Romania for solar PV .
The area is suitable for solar PV developments (the first projects to obtain the connection permit in the corresponding substations).
Projects will be delivered at fully permitted stage.
For the PPA, Installation license and Grid Connection Agreement to be obtained, the final shareholder structure must be officially presented, and also the investment breakdown must be known.

For Sale solar project Romania 3 MW project in Arges County FJ011


Location: Arges County

The plot is located at the Southern entrance passage through the Carpathian Mountains, Romania, 800 m from the asphalt to the European road E574 to Brasov (70 km) or Pitesti (60 km).

Land Size: 9.2 hectares (1.8 hectares of land registered within the built-up area, the difference is registered as meadow)

Land Type: naturally and partially forested, road access with 0.2% slop.

Photovoltaic Installation: 3 MW

Ownership: Company

Distance to the Grid: 800 m from the 20 kV National network


For sale solar project romania Gorj province 20MW FJ010


A solar project of 20 MW in the province of Gorj near Tirgu Jiu on a surface of 52 hectares of land.

The grid feed in is 23.063 Mwh and the specific annual yield is 1.153 kwh/kWp.

contact :

project nr . FJ010 

For sale solar project 6 (5.99) MWp in Prahova county Romania FJ009


Type Two solar photovoltaic parks for green energyPark n° 1 : "FV1" Park n° 2 : "FV2"

Planned commissioning, completion 2012

Location Romania, Prahova County

Total Land Size approx. 14 haInstalled capacity approx. 5.99 MWp

Installed capacity at kW installed approx. 5991 KWp

Solar Modulus - free choice: single panel power: 230 Wp - Silicon

Productivity 7000 MWh / year

Calculated annual yield 7000 MWh / year

Compensation for power supply 6 Green Certificates + Energy Price

Certificates for green energy in Romania



Following the implementation of Directive 2009/28/CE on the promotion of the use of energy from renewable sources (“Directive 2009/28/CE”), the Romanian target for the share of energy from renewable sources in gross final consumption of energy in 2020 was established at 24%.