Renewable energy productionin Romania - all-time record last year


The renewable energy production reached a record figure at the end of last year, when the total capacity of the projects in the grid exceeded 3,757 MW, 60 per cent higher than in late 2012, according to data released by Transelectrica, Agerpres informs.

Austria’s Egger has completed a 83MW Romanian biomass plant


Austria's Egger, the wood processor, has completed a 83MW biomass plant at its site in Romania's Radauti, Suceava County, following a EUR 35 million investment, reports business daily Ziarul Financiar.

The new plant is designed to provide heat and energy on the site, and is fueled by wood waste.

"The Egger plant in Radauti is a strategic location for the Egger group. The company has continued to develop the Radauti plant in a production unit that is completely integrated through the construction of a biomass plant," said Ioan Banciu, technical director at Egger Radauti.

Renewable energy report Romania edition october 2013


Nr. 02/2013 October
1.      Opportunities and projects renewable energy Romania
2.      Market intelligence: news on wind energy solar energy in Romania and other renewable energy projects in Romania
3.      Incubation activities of the chamber for your energy projects
4.      Projects management activities for your energy projects
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1.    Opportunities and projects renewable energy Romania

New legislation green certificates solar and wind romania - translations in english


The legislation changed on green certificates.
We have translated the new legislation for you.
Read in anxa.

National Bank of Romania reference interest rate set at 4.5% as of 6 August 2013


According to the provisions of the Romanian Fiscal Code, the deductibility of interest expenses for RON denominated loans granted by entities other than credit institutions, non-banking financial institutions, legal entities that grant credits according to the law and international development banks is limited to the level of the reference interest rate set by the National Bank of Romania corresponding to the last month of the quarter.

Consequently, from August 2013 the deductibility limit will be set at 4.5%, unless further changes occur by the end of the third quarter.

Ready to build solar projects in Romania


a) Urziceni- 9,2 MW, land rent , price 160 000 euro/MW
b) Garbovi - 2.67 MW, land rent , price160 000 euro/MW
c) frasinet - 12,5 MW, land included, pret 160 000 euro/MW
d) Ianca 1,- 9,5 MW, land rent, pret 160 000 euro/MW
e) Ianca 2,- 7,7 MW, land rent, pret 160 000 euro/MW
f)  Scornicesti - 3,5 MW, land rent, pret 160 000 euro/MW
g) Maruntei 1, -9,5 MW, land rent, pret 160.000 euro/MW
h) Maruntei 2, - 9,5 MW, land rent, pret 160.000 euro/MW
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How to acquire large surfaces of agricultural land in Romania



1/ Through a process called "comasare" in Romanian. It signifies the re- groupement (or consolidation) of many small plots of land into one larger surfaces.

2/ By purchase of land already consolidated. Real offers are rare, and more expensive when they exist. On the other hand, these properties can be purchased within a very short time frame (if and when real offers exist).